Not many years ago, the tools of trade to make wooden magnets and such were mechanical engravers and scroll saws. Today, the CO2 laser has taken over those tasks. The laser, although not much faster, can attain a higher degree of detail and is therefore my tool of choice.

The products I make are customized to the needs of the customer or to the geographic area in which they will be sold. Prices range from $2.00 to $10.00 depending on the wood that is used and the complexity of the design. Many designs can be produced with no art charge. However, if I need to involve an artist to create a one of a kind unique design, the cost to me is about $150.00. Often, based on the prospect of producing repeat orders, I will split this cost 50/50 with the customer.

My products are designed to sell and are diverse in materials and designs. They can be found around the country in Museums, Historical sites, Zoos, Botanical Gardens, Beaches, Amusement Parks, and other Vacation destinations.

All of my products are engraved in the USA and each item is proudly labeled. Magnets are usually engraved on the back to that effect along with my name. Ornaments and plaques have hang tags with the same information.

I expect each of my customers to have a 100% sell-through. I have yet to have a customer tell me they have not.

Lead times vary from a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on how busy I am.
Order quantities are also very low. Magnets and ornaments are usually 24 pieces, and plaques are down even lower. 

My philosophy is that if it doesn’t work for you - it doesn’t work for me.
If you are interested in developing a line of products or just want more information, please call 757- 229-3276, or email me at bicastlaser@gmail.com.

Bill Gaertner

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